Welcome to Toyland Educare

Vibrant Pre-School in Glenwood

You’ve made it to our website – we’re so excited to have you here! Toyland Educare is a lively pre-school in Glenwood, Durban. Our aim is to provide a stimulating, secure atmosphere in which children can be themselves and thrive. We let the little ones develop emotionally, socially and intellectually – while preparing them with the confidence and esteem needed in ‘big school’.

Why Toyland Educare?

Breakfast, lunch & 2 snacks provided daily
Strict attention given to hygiene at all times
Large, shaded astro-turf playground
CCTV cameras

Extra-mural activities including swimming, action ball & ballet available*

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Our Lessons

Our friendly, enthusiastic team of teachers help to create a warm and loving atmosphere. The well-chosen educational material and equipment we use in our lessons give children the tools to flourish in grade 1. Find out more about our recognised Grade R program below…

*Kindly note: Extra-mural activities are charged separately

Grade R Programme

Toyland Educare offers a stimulating Grade R program that enhances preparatory reading, writing and mathematics. Our learning area is a hive of dynamic, creative activity. We apply a degree of organisational structure, while allowing the children to move constructively from one activity to the next.


Our Classrooms:

Our colourful Toyland Educare classrooms are stimulating centres of learning, where children are prepared for the type of environment they can expect in grade 1 and beyond.



Our Playground:

Our outdoor play area is secure, sanitary and a hive of activity most of the time! With AstroTurf underfoot and a large tree providing shade, our little ones are free to be, well, children!



Our Creche:

Toyland Educare accepts children from 3 months old, and our creche is kitted out to cater to your child’s needs while we’re caring for them. Visit us today & come see our facilities!



Book Your Spot Today

Toyland Educare is only able to accommodate a limited number of children, so be sure to contact us soon for availability! Contact us here for availability, or download our application form below:

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